the creature’s revenge
egor – long-lost member of the spice girls
yoda does drag dance party
e.t. at club touché: paintin’ the town purple, green and oozey
midnight monster pedicure party: all critters welcome
Glitz n’ Glam Seaweed Perms(TM) from Under the Blue Lagoon
Richard Simmons, Tammy Faye, John Waters and Hatchetface have a child – guess what – it’s me
Slimer does the humpety
how eggy got their groove back
godzilla & mothra, girls night out
mothra gets a perm
edith goes punk
city slickers 2: gremlins gone wild
count chocula & firby, together at last
fur hair plugs for the faint of heart
the smiths lost ep: hairballs of the world, unite and take over
hedwig to harry: "girl, this is not my first time at a rodeo"
the blob, still hungry after all these years, my story
the killer tomatoes at bob evans – senior earlybird dinner performance
ride the smell

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